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A Taste of Student Passions

posted Sun, Jan 28, 2018

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If interested in taking part in the next “Taste of Compass”, please join us at The Community Creative Center (200 Mathews St.) on March 2nd (6:30-8:00 pm).  This event is part of Fort Collins Start Up Week and will be technology-focused.  Come check out drone racing, virtual reality, robot obstacle courses and more!  No RSVP required. This event is for Compass families as well as families interested in possibly joining us in future years. Hope to see you there.


On January 8th, CCCS held the 2nd “Taste of Compass”, an opportunity for interested families and students to get an idea of what education looks like in our model.  While parents and guardians participated in a Q&A with Compass team members, a group of 30 prospective students (primarily 5th and 6th graders with several older students taking part) worked with staff members to brainstorm their personal interests and begin to explore how their passions could lead to interdisciplinary projects.  Here’s some of what students came up with:

  • Scooters
  • Trampolines
  • Journaling (including Wreck this Journal)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Friends
  • Animals (dogs, fish, cats, other pets)
  • The environment
  • Creativity (art, drawing, photography, creation and design)
  • Cooking
  • Theater
  • Movies
  • History
  • Programming Robots
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Hiking
  • Legos
  • Soccer
  • Reading (…late into the night)
  • Being active
  • Learning
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Equality / equal rights
  • World War II
  • Video games (Minecraft, etc.)
  • Games and Sports (basketball, lacrosse, skiing, dancing, snowboarding, football, roller skating, ice skating, running, gymnastics and swimming)
  • Volunteering 
  • Star Wars
  • Anime
  • Sewing
  • Comics
  • Family
  • Makeup and styling
  • Sleep
  • Talking and communication
  • Greek mythology

The diversity in ideas was amazing.  Often, teachers make the assumption that students’ interests are limited to video games, their friends and themselves (and, yes, these come up) but the students interested in CCCS are looking for a lot more.  From service opportunities, a better understanding of history and the use of the design process to improve their world, we got a taste of what students will bring to Compass.  Students then quickly put their ideas together to create project proposals that would allow them to explore their interests in an academic context and better understand themselves and the world around in the process.  And although the project proposals were in their infancy stage and needed further development to be carried out, the exercise’s purpose was to show kids that their voice will play an important role in the development of curriculum at Compass. Yes, we will cover all of the state standards but we’ll do it in conjunction with student voice and choice, a simple way to engage students in academic studies and the Fort Collins community while honoring what they bring to the table.  This is the Compass way.

A couple of examples of student project ideas (in the brainstorm phase):