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Compass Profiles: Katie Malone

posted Thu, Jun 07, 2018

Categories: Compass profiles

This summer, we will be highlighting members of the Compass Community.  This could include staff members, founding families, volunteers, board members, school designers, students or community partners.

Get to know us.


Staff: Katie Malone

Teacher-Adviser: Science
Compass Curator


Six Word Memoir: 

I have a story for you.

What’s your educational specialty/background?

I have a BS in Natural Resource Management, an MEd in Educational Leadership, and lots of outdoor/wilderness ed. adventures.

Why Compass?

It is time to change the paradigm of school.

Besides your specialty, what other talents and interests do you want to share with our community?

Physical activity enthusiast, landscape designer, overconfident do-it-yourself-er, and Etch-A-Sketch artist.

What is your dream project/partnership at Compass?

Intergenerational outdoor adventures to share experiences and wisdom.

What do you believe?

I believe that we must continually expand our capacity to empathize.

What are five things that you know to be true?

The days go too fast; we should be better to the earth; sound science helps us make hard decisions; assuming good intentions goes a long way; there are few things better than a lake swim on a hot day.

If you could wake up tomorrow with one new quality or ability, what would it be?