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Evaluating Projects (and our own work)

posted Mon, Feb 13, 2017

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One of the most refreshing aspects of working on building Compass HS from the ground up is the need for constructive criticism and thoughtful reflection. All teaching and schools need this but the willingness of the Compass Team to take this on has been impressive.

As we look at how we will be evaluating our students’ projects at Compass, we thought we’d share an article that gives a nice summary of how multi-modal evaluations play a strong role in project-based learning, especially in terms of utilizing authentic audiences and working to solve real community-based problems. It’s both a great look at how our assessment of, and development of, students’ skills will take place as well as a reminder of why we, as a staff and learning community, will be using similar processes and strategies to assess our own work and development as a school. (It’s also a nice reminder of the basics of project-based learning, an essential component of Community-Based Learning model)

Check it out: Evaluation within PBL

Compass HS Team