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FETC 2018

posted Fri, Jan 26, 2018

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“Commit; then figure out how to do it.” -  Rushton Hurley, Executive Director of NextVista.org

A simple idea, but one often difficult to follow through with.  At Compass, this is our process.  

From the beginning of our work, the ever-growing Compass team has committed to doing something different in Fort Collins, to bringing a modern version of education to our innovative city.  We recognize that it isn’t easy; we will continue to run into barriers, both real and imaginary.  We have our doubters, which we will always need.  We have our supporters, growing daily.  They both are important to us.

The last few days, members of our leadership team have been at the 2018 Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando.  It’s been an inspiring experience, surrounded by educators and tech companies that all have the same goal, the goal Compass is pursuing in Fort Collins.  We’ve spent our time here meeting with security experts to discuss student data privacy and working with design companies to discuss modern school spaces composed of modular and moveable furniture and thoughtful, useable technology that makes learning through collaboration more natural.  We’ve expanded our vision of what our coding camps will look like and discovered a few new tools and gadgets to help make that possible.  We’ve come up with some great ideas to evolve the MakerSpace concept in a public high school; a design space that nurtures our students’ ideas and gives them the tools to make them reality.  Most importantly, we’ve connected with experts from all over the country who are making this happen already and want to help us do the same.

We know WHY Compass is needed. Research supports that.  We know the end goal and WHAT we want to create in our culture and physical space. We’ve committed.  Now we are doing it.