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Inspired to Connect and Grow

posted Thu, Mar 01, 2018

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Hello Compass Community,

I was so fortunate yesterday to bear witness to the students of PSD so powerfully demonstrating and advocating for their right to feel safe at school. In addition to the prominent messages touting gun control, many of the signs they carried alluded to belonging, personal well-being and healthy relationships as fundamental to their safety.

The most compelling reason for my joining Compass was the chance to co-create a school with a culture of caring, trust, and respect so critical to learning and to safety. At each step in our development, I have been heartened that we are quite naturally becoming a restorative school – built around a core value of love. The commitment we have all shown and shared to mutual respect, creating and sustaining healthy relationships, and personal responsibility has convinced me that our students will believe that we care deeply about them both as uniquely important people and as capable learners. We are a community that naturally embodies social and emotional intelligence and practice patterns that not only prevent conflict and misunderstanding but also quickly move to solve the same. I look forward to facilitating a process of continued learning and growth among us that continues to build on our knowledge/skills, and intentional practice of SEL and Restorative Practices in Schools, so that we can best model and support the same in our Compass students and families. 

Pamela Barker, MA, PT
Social-Emotional Specialist
Compass Community Collaborative School