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Navigator News: 1.17.20

posted Mon, Feb 17, 2020


The Community Experience Venture

Looking through samples of FRCC student design projects.

The Community Experience Venture led by the Futures Counselor, Wendy Rose, attended a graphic design class at Front Range Community College (FRCC) last week. Maggie Adams, Multimedia Graphic Design Program Director at FRCC, let us visit her Illustrator class and gave us an overview of the program. She noted how FRCC works closely with the community and industry to ensure students are able to obtain good positions after receiving their degree.  

The best part of our visit was viewing the projects students had created and seeing what a college class was like. Learning the differences between the programs available in Fort Collins was informative—like the difference between FRCC’s and CSU’s approach to design. FRCC is more technology-based whereas CSU is more pure art-based design. —10th grader, Dallon H.

Lucille G. was surprised to find that there are so many ways to be creative within graphic design. The packaging design projects she enjoyed included CD covers, cereal boxes and book covers!


Compass Mad Math Dash

Who comes to school on a Saturday to do math? Compass kids, of course! On Saturday, March 28 from 9a-12p, Compass students are hosting a friendly Mad Math Dash competition and design challenge experience for current 4th and 5th graders. Do you know any 4th or 5th graders who want to have a fun Compass experience while flexing their math muscles? Spread the word and stay tuned for more details.


Slammin’ Famine

This week our Juniors will deliver the money they raised for Slammin’ Famine and will take part in the massive food packing project at the Budweiser Events Center. For a peek into the impact this program has on countries around the world, watch this past coverage of the event.


Compass Performance Showcase


Amani Farm Field Trip

A recent equine therapy field trip started with cookies and a circle!

Last week, the Compass Self Science class went on a much anticipated field trip to Amani Farm to interact and learn from horses. With the guidance of Jill Cantor Lee, an equine facilitated learning specialist and psychological counselor and their teacher Pamela Barker, they participated in equine facilitated experiential learning. As innately social creatures, horses mirror what humans are feeling and can facilitate powerful personal exploration and transformation of behavior. When students enter the natural, mostly silent world of the horse, their verbal and non-verbal behavior is reflected back to them. They experience a “felt sense” of connection, trust, empathy, confidence, accountability, safety, and peace. This creates the ideal environment for social and emotional skill building.

To prepare for this incredible opportunity, the class spent many weeks forming a cohesive group through cooperative activities; learning about emotions and their impact on self regulation, decision-making, and problem solving; studying the human brain–it’s development, patterns, and ability to change through neuroplasticity; and reflecting continuously on patterns of behavior and reactions that impact their success. 

At the farm, Jill demonstrated how, with the language of the horse–body language, clear intention, and thinking in pictures–to become a “leader” in the herd. Students then had time to interact with the horses, and using this languagewhile practicing the technique of “pressure-release” with their chosen horse–making “the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.” Students ended with collaborating on building an obstacle course and triumphantly and in teams leading their horses through it.

It was amazing to watch a calm focus and sense of pride and accomplishment settle among the students while working with their equine partners. All agreed we should visit Jill and her horses more often!

Following PSD's lead and Larimer County Health Department recommendations, Compass will determine the learning plan for the 20-21 school year later this summer. Please check email regularly and follow health department guidelines to keep your family well during the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).