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Navigator News: 11.04.19

posted Mon, Nov 04, 2019


Venture Profile: Virtual Reality, Real Feelings

Hello! This is Dawn DuPriest and this quarter, I’m facilitating a venture project class called “Virtual Reality, Real Feelings” — about the crossroads of VR and empathy. The purpose of this venture is to explore how VR technology can immerse someone in a world so much that it changes their perception of the world. The students will select an inquiry question and create a VR mini-game or experience designed to change someone’s perspective.

As part of our school opening, we received grant money for new technology. I lobbied hard for VR equipment. I have noticed how this technology inspires curiosity, engagement, and wonder. Those emotions are powerful catalysts for learning and so I see tremendous potential for using VR as an educational tool. We secured 3 powerful gaming computers with Oculus Rift S headsets, and I also purchased 12 Oculus Quest headsets and 20 decent laptops to do software development. My class has 23 students, so we have enough computers for every kid to have one and students can share headsets with a partner.

Before the Venture started, we set up the Rift systems and set them up in our school gallery so students could play VR games after school such as Beat Saber. I believe in using the tech for fun, because again, emotions and curiosity. It also builds a sense of community and a shared sense of taking care of the equipment and fairness.  Also, several students and I attended Colorado State University’s XR Symposium over a weekend, to connect with our local university and get some ideas and inspiration.

For the class, we moved all but one VR headset to a classroom. A couple of students helped me set up our charging cabinet and get the Quests on the school wifi. We got some containers of sanitizing wipes to clean the headsets off at the end of every class. We need to work hard to keep them clean and in good condition! So far, the kids are really engaged and we are all learning a lot. We look forward to showing you what we learn over the course of the Venture when we see you at our next Exhibition of Learning on December 17th!

Snapshots From Spirit Week!

December 3rd is Giving Tuesday

Almost everyone has heard of “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving. Most people have also heard of Shop Small Saturday and Cyber Monday. But did you know that December 3 is officially GIVING TUESDAY? This turns the spending frenzy of this week on its head and brings it back to the true spirit of ThanksGIVING. This year Compass is pleased to be partnering with Community Funded to offer our first online fundraiser. On Giving Tuesday, we will have several matches—both for participation and dollar-for-dollar matches. You can check out our page here and make sure to come back to see how YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE AND IMPORTANT IMPACT AT COMPASS!

Know anyone interested in sponsoring a match? While we have some matches lined up, this can be an exciting way to inspire others to give. Please reach out to Gina Curler at [email protected]

TONIGHT: Parent Education Hour

Come learn more about Compass’ math program, which ranges from pre-algebra to Calculus and other college-level topics. How do students master traditional math concepts while doing real-world problem solving and engineering challenges? What other math opportunities (competitions, extracurriculars, community connections) exist at Compass? Join us tonight, 7:00-8:00p, to learn more!

Shop Class Works on Go Carts

Friday is Middle School Game Night!!

Hey Middle Schoolers!! We will be shaking the house THIS Friday, November 8 from 7 till 9. There will be games for age groups from young to adult so there will be something for everyone.

Kids can attend solo (without families in tow although families are welcome), but please check in with Compass administration if you would like to bring someone who is not a student at Compass. Not competitive? No worries— we will have games that are team-based and collaborative where working together is the key to success. Snacks will be provided, along with door prizes and a grand prize drawing! 

Students and Teachers Will Be in the Front Row Next Week!

Halloween Design Challenge — Game On!!


Following PSD's lead and Larimer County Health Department recommendations, Compass will determine the learning plan for the 20-21 school year later this summer. Please check email regularly and follow health department guidelines to keep your family well during the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).