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Navigator News: 3.2.20

posted Mon, Mar 02, 2020


Join Us for Our Third Quarter Exhibition of Learning

A lot of great discovery has taken place at Compass and across Fort Collins over the past couple of months. We invite you to join us for a student-hosted showcase of this quarter’s achievements and venture projects: 

  • Compass Media

  • Performing Arts Showcase

  • Coding For Global Goals

  • Re-Animated

  • Films for Climate Change Action

  • Inner Secrets of the Game Industry

  • Yo, I’ll Solve it!

  • Postsecondary Readiness

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, March 11 from 5:30-7:00p.


Science and Engineering for the WIN!

Our regional Colorado State Science and Engineering Fair competitors. We’re moving on to STATE!

Congratulations to the Compass students who competed at the regional Colorado Science and Engineering Fair last Wednesday! Everyone brought home an award, which is particularly awesome ESPECIALLY for first-time contestants.

Krevan competed in the junior division against 180 other projects and won the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Chemistry Award for“designing the project with the most innovative application of chemistry which focuses on the museum’s core value of thinking critically and acting with empathy.” Krevan ALSO won the USMA best use of the International System of Units (~metric system) award! Go, Krevan!

Our other Compass contestants were competing in the senior division with 65 projects.

  • Gabe, Raine, and Aisezim each won a $200 scholarship to University of Northern Colorado’s Frontiers of Science Institute (a summer STEM program).
  • Zander won the UNC Pioneer of Science award for most interesting/creative/novel project.
  • June and Aisezim won the US Navy STEM award AND the AIr Force award for their satellite project. This dynamic duo ALSO won 2nd place in the Engineering category and qualified for the State Science and Engineering Fair, each earning a state medallion. 
  • Lily C. won the Workhorse award for her Pascal’s Triangle project (a project that very obviously took tons of time and effort). She also won 2nd place in the Math and Computer Science category and qualified for the State Science and Engineering Fair, earning a state medallion.
  • Madeleine won an Honorable Mention for her Sensor Socks.

Wishing best of luck to Lily C., June, and Aisezim at the State Science and Engineering Fair, April 2-4! Please come support our students at the CSU Lory Student Center!

Congratulations to ALL of our science fair participants and their coach, Karen Karppinen, for their hard work and long hours they put into learning and showing off their learning to the judges. Thanks also to the CSU College of Natural Sciences Education & Outreach Center, our science lab partners at CSU, for their support, expertise, and coaching they offered our team. Dr. Andrew Warnock and Courtney Butler are an invaluable part of our team! As a final note, extra kudos to Karen, who left for Greeley at 6:30am and didn’t get home until after 11pm that day—and still showed up ready to go for her students the next morning. Wow!

Aisezim and June won the US Navy STEM AND Air Force awards!

Zander took the UNC Pioneer of Science award.


The Language of the Future is at Compass NOW!

The Girls Who Code venture shows Compass’s drive to feed the pipeline of female engineers in the United States.

Adults at Compass Community Collaborative School have seen some serious changes in technology over their lifetimes. Some of them worked with the first classroom computers, which featured green or orange monochromatic text, and that’s about it. They had very little processing speed or memory. Today, our school’s enjoy touch screen televisions with built in web browsers and wireless keyboards to control that technology from anywhere in the room, and there are more colors available than our eyes can even see! The common link between those dinosaurs of the digital age and our smart-classrooms is coding. They have to be programmed to do whatever we are wanting them to do. AND Computers are everywhere—in our pockets, cars, even our coffee makers. Light bulbs are being outfitted with computers to make them more efficient, as part of a house full of small computers all coordinating with each other to save a homeowner money. Skateboards have onboard computers!

Girls Who Code is opening new horizons for our students!

Additionally, upper school students are working this quarter in a Venture class, “Game Addiction,” to use their love of gaming to develop the coding skills needed for almost all of today’s technologies. One student shared that he was developing a game to “blow things up.” When asked what kinds of things, the coding student du jour chuckled and said, “penguins…and other stuff!” On the surface it might not seem obvious how this relates to a world of coding as employment, unless you understand the market for games where players blow things up. It’s huge! Every social media application has entire teams of coders working to respond to users demands or to develop new functions that no one even knows they need…yet. So, learning to code a game where users blow up…things…is an enjoyable, applicable and employable skill.

Karen lends a hand to a high school coder.


Does Animating a Budget Make it More Exciting?

By Compass Parent, Alan B.

How could it not? Students in Emmanuelle’s Re-Animated venture are learning to make informative, animated public service announcements to help the City of Fort Collins educate the public about important, but possibly-less-than-thrilling topics. For example, some students are learning about city budgets by exploring the budgetary processes of the City of Fort Collins and then finding ways to make this complex topic easier to grasp by citizens. These creative students decided that they needed a hero—a Budget Man!

Budget Man was born from a cup-o-toxic-sludge, some accountant DNA harvested from nail clippings, and a pile of old and moldy balance sheets. The Budget Man character turned out to be woefully ignorant of budgetary processes and, as the story goes, the mayor of Fort Collins took it upon himself to educate our “hero.” 

This student animation of pure infotainment is still in production. Currently, student talent is adding voice to action.

Look for the completed Re-Animated projects at Exhibition of Learning on March 11th!


MathCounts Attends Regional Competition

Our MathCounts team attended their first regional competition on Saturday, February 22. They met at 6:55 am at Compass to travel to the University of Northern Colorado, where they competed against 130 of the region’s top middle school math students. Jaden, Clara, Rhoen, Dylan G., Finn, Karleigh, Chase, and Amoreah earned good scores for first-time attendees, with Jaden ending up only 5 questions away from state qualification and several others close behind. Today will become an “I remember when…” moment for them as they work toward returning to regionals next year even more prepared to tackle the hardest problems that the national test-writers can throw their way! Congratulations, team, we are so proud of you!


Compass Snapshots

The Compass Family—Katie, Jason and kiddos Lane and Ryan.

Brains sizzle! Concurrent Enrollment English Literature class hard at work!

Following PSD's lead and Larimer County Health Department recommendations, Compass will not reopen the school building until August 14, 2020, and we will continue our remote learning plan through the end of May. Please check email regularly and follow health department guidelines to keep your family well during the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).