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Navigator News: 4.20.20

posted Mon, Apr 20, 2020


Let’s Get Rollin’

See you out on the trail!!


Intensive Highlight: WWII and The Cold War

Bella K.’s stunning Space Race artwork for Bonnie’s Cold War intensive.


Bonnie finished up a unit on World War II by having Upper School students write opinion pieces about America’s dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This led into their next intensive on the Cold War where students first learned about the causes of the era, its essential effects, and how those historical events continue to influence modern society. As a culminating activity, students conducted mini-inquiries, researching one topic of interest in-depth. Students used a wide range of different presentation mediums to demonstrate their learning (now on Zoom)! 

With behind the scenes help of his project partner, Tyler M, Davis L showcased his creative talents on the history of the KGB by making a video. Watch that here!

The history of the KGB as told by Davis.

Another piece of Bella K.’s Space Race artwork.


The Compass Culture Challenge

Hello Compass! How’s everybody doing? This is our third week of the Compass Culture Challenge!

Before we get to this week’s challenges, at 8 o’clock every night the Fort Collins community has gone out to howl. This is to show respect for all of the first responders and medical professionals who are helping our community stay safe from COVID-19. We highly encourage all staff and students, if possible, to go outside and HOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLL at 8 o’clock each night. It’s an amazing experience to hear everyone coming together!

Last week’s Compass Culture Challenges were to Get Outside and/or Bake Something DELICIOUS! The clear winner on a snowy Easter Sunday was baking! From baking and decorating your OWN birthday cake to making a massive sugar cookie (way to go Malone’s!)—we found ways to meet the challenge AND treat our sweet tooths!

Now, on to this week’s challenges!!!

Physical Activity Challenges

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt 
Use these links as inspiration for your scavenger hunt, or create your own: 

2. Puffy Side Walk Chalk Paint

Creative Activity Challenges

1. Build a Fort 

2. Build a Card House 

If you take part in any of these challenges, we want to see your pictures! Upload them to Compass Media. We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tech Team Selling Care Packages

The Compass Tech Team would like to help you stay in touch with your friends though these unusual times. We are offering to deliver a Compass Care Package to a friend you choose (anyone in the Fort Collins area) with a personal note from you. Each Care Package contains:

  • One cloth mask (thanks to Rhoen’s grandma!) to help your friend run necessary errands
  • 5 assorted snacks from the Compass store (samples shown in pictures; we can remove peanut products before delivery if allergies are an issue, but can’t do substitutions due to limited supplies.
  •  2 fizzy drinks (assorted Bubly flavors; each pack has 2 different flavors).
  • A personal note from you (the sender), written out artistically by Emerson and Chloe.

We only have 25 packages. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis for $10 each (with additional cost for far deliveries as noted below). If you would like to donate an extra $5-10 to further support the Tech Team, we would really appreciate that and it will help us provide you with more technology and tech services next year.  We have already fixed 4 broken Chromebooks and put them back into circulation!

We will deliver the Care Package to your recipient’s house within 5 miles of Compass. If they live in the 6-10 mile range, please do an additional $5 donation (total of $15) to cover delivery, and if the distance is 11-20 miles, please round the total price to $20. 20 miles from Compass (by road, via Google Maps) is our delivery radius limit. If you don’t know where your friend lives and you can’t find them on WhitePages.com or via Google, please email Debbie or Jan to see if they have an address on file at school.

STEP 1: Please email Karen with:

  1. Your name (so we can match it to your donation via the website – please enter the same name when you do your donation in Step 2)
  2. Recipient’s name
  3. Recipient’s Address (with zip code and any notes, e.g. the door next to the garage is their front door)
  4. What you would like the personal note to say (must fit on a note card sized paper). We can leave your name off the message if you prefer to send it anonymously.

Please wait for confirmation:  I will reply to confirm that a Care Package is still available for you to purchase and will let you know if the recipient has already received one from someone else. 

STEP 2:  Once you receive confirmation, please send your payment of $10 + optional Tech Team donation ($5-$10 would make a huge difference!) + any extra delivery costs using the DONATE NOW button on the Compass website(you will making payment through the Area of Greatest Need portal).

Thank you and email Karen, Krevan, Jadan K, Emerson, Bryson, or Angela R with questions!

– The Compass Tech Team

Following PSD's lead and Larimer County Health Department recommendations, Compass will not reopen the school building until August 14, 2020, and we will continue our remote learning plan through the end of May. Please check email regularly and follow health department guidelines to keep your family well during the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).