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Navigator News: 5/27/19

posted Mon, May 27, 2019


Exhibition of Learning

A special thank you to Compass teachers, staff, parents—and most of all students for a successful final Exhibition of Learning for year one! Everyone came together to share and celebrate the learning highlights for the fourth quarter of the school year. Demonstrations of soldering, 3D printing and laser cutting, dance, original music and art, coupled with powerful “stump speeches” and beautifully curated displays of all of the hard work and diverse skill that students learned in their ventures made for a wonderful evening. Congratulations all for a job well done! Lots more pictures at the end of this post.

A Visit From Adrian Anantawan

A special thank you to our partner, No Barriers, and Adrian Anantawan for a surprise performance last week! Adrian is a world-class violinist. He studied with Itzhak Perlman, and has performed for Pope John Paul II, multiple Presidents, the Dalai Lama, and for the Opening Ceremonies of the Athens and Vancouver Olympic Games—and now for the Compass community!! All of these accomplishments come in spite of being born without his right hand.  Adrian spoke to students about the importance of not giving up—even if at first, you are simply not great at something—and of the importance of recognizing and supporting others. 

Renewable Energy Keeps Winning

Compass hosted a booth at the French Nest Open-Air Market this past weekend in Old Town. Jody, the organizer, was very nice and she allowed us to have booth space for free! We sold solar lamp kits from 9am to 3pm. Thank you to Nathan, Ben, Abby, Jack, Fiona, Emerson, and Isabella for staffing the booth and helping it be so successful.Are you ready for the highlights?

  • We sold EVERY SINGLE ONE of our lamp kits. We have none left!
  • We even sold some of the pre-made lamps because people wanted them.
  • The laser cut wooden lamps were the most popular model.
  • We made $390!

Here is some news you might not be prepared for! Some buyers were interested in buying a lamp, but they wanted the students to assemble it and donate it to the FoCo Cafe. So we took their money and set a lamp aside with a promise that we would build it and donate it. We committed to build 15 lamps for these customers, so we have to do it! After exhibition, kids, we need to build some lamps!

Congratulations to everyone—every kid played a part in this hugely successful fundraiser. We have enough money to buy supplies for this venture for next year, thanks to you. And the FoCo Cafe is going to have so many lamps, they will be amazed.

Exhibition of Learning Snapshots