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No Barriers & Compass

posted Sun, Apr 01, 2018

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It’s official!! Compass Community Collaborative School is a No Barriers School! Many of you came out this week to hear Erik Weihenmayer, the founder of No Barriers, speak at the CSU Author Series about his incredibly inspiring life of adventure, personal growth, and his continued quest to elevate others. Throughout his talk about his life and experiences of climbing Everest and kayaking through the Grand Canyon as a blind man, he shared characteristics of himself and a personal philosophy that aligned beautifully with the design of Compass…preparation, passionate exploration, purposeful learning, optimism, working hard, playing hard, learning from failure and near misses, reflection and iteration, innovation, camaraderie, and collaboration.

It was exciting to hear Erik announce our partnership to a large, local crowd and to begin imagining our collaboration to unite our missions:

  • No Barriers…to unleash the potential of the human spirit. Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, we help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world. In the process, we foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.
  • Compass…to help students discover learning with purpose, to be authors of the best possible story of their lives and of our collective future. We recognize the unique attributes and needs of adolescents and actively support their development of identity, competency, and agency. We ask questions instead of giving answers. We provide resources instead of assignments. We embrace our community’s entrepreneurial nature and energy. Our teachers and our local, national, and international partners collaborate with our students and their families to chart a path of opportunity. Our students graduate as co-creators of a learning life.

Eric said there are three consistent categories of people in the world – quitters, campers, and climbers. Quitters need no explanation. Campers get ready; have all the best intentions, yet they often don’t reach their goals. And the climbers, they are different. They align their intentions and values with their actions and never give up when challenged. They know that challenge is essential to a good life, to meaningful work, and to a sustainable future. At Compass, with the help of our amazing No Barriers partners, we are going to climb!