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Our Compass

posted Sun, Jan 15, 2017

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Our Compass is our working emotional intelligence charter. It is not a list of rules, rather, it is an agreement created collaboratively among stakeholders describing how they want to feel when working together, specific behaviors required to create and sustain those feelings, and strategies for handling conflict and undesired feelings.

Crafting a charter is an effective way to ensure all voices are represented. Our Compass is foundational to our development. Throughout the rest of our development and as we become operational, at every level of our school – working groups and teams, administrators, faculty and staff, classroom and student groups, families, and community partners – charters will be developed. They will help us align our actions with our intentions in order to fulfill our mission at Compass High School.

Research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in schools has shown that by being specific about our collective thoughts and feelings, desired behaviors, and conflict strategies we are better at problem solving, experience fewer conflicts and hurt feelings, and remain focused on our intentions. Furthermore, academics are positively impacted because students have fewer conduct issues allowing for more instruction time and increased participation.The Compass is a living document. It is referred to often and amended as necessary (to ensure inclusivity and to reflect important changes) so that we continue to move in the desired direction.

Pam Barker and the Compass Team