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Dawn and Wendy's Q3 2020-21 Ventures

More highlights from ventures students have engaged in this quarter! Up this week, Dawn's Coding for Global Goals Venture and Wendy's Senior Planning Venture.

Sam and Bonnie's Q3 2020-21 Ventures

As we continue to highlight the seven Ventures running this quarter, we're starting to see many student products begin to take shape. This week, we take a look at what Bonnie and Sam and their students are up to.

Calls to Action from the Climate Films Venture

The decisions you make now will affect generations to come. Every trip in the car you take, every water faucet you turn on will have detrimental consequences on all of the life on earth. Be aware of your own habits and educate others on what they can do to reduce their environmental impact.

Compass Students Win No Barriers Challenge

Compass students won the Global Impact Challenge—and with it—a $5000 award! World-class educators from around the country applied to participate in the No Barriers and Wells Fargo project, a diversity and inclusion competition designed to spark the best ideas from students for building a world free of barriers, stereotypes and discrimination.

Does Animating a Budget Make it More Exciting?

Students in Emmanuelle’s Re-Animated venture are learning to make informative, animated public service announcements to help the City of Fort Collins educate the public about important, but possibly-less-than-thrilling topics.

The Language of the Future is at Compass NOW!

Today, our school’s enjoy touch screen televisions with built in web browsers and wireless keyboards to control that technology from anywhere in the room, and there are more colors available than our eyes can even see!

Quarter 3 Ventures at Compass

Third quarter Ventures will start on January 14th, 2020. Here are the exciting opportunities we have in store for our learning community this academic quarter.

Venture Highlight: Students Design Independent Ventures

Compass offers students the opportunity to employ entrepreneurial mindsets and use community-engaged project-based learning (venture projects) to inspire deep learning of academic, social-emotional, and 21st Century essential skills. Venture projects may be group-based or individual—especially as students advance to higher levels.

Venture Profile: Virtual Reality, Real Feelings

Hello! This is Dawn DuPriest and this quarter, I’m facilitating a venture project class called “Virtual Reality, Real Feelings” — about the crossroads of VR and empathy. The purpose of this venture is to explore how VR technology can immerse someone in a world so much that it changes their perception of the world.

Second Quarter Venture Projects at Compass

At Compass Community Collaborative School, students immerse in quarter-long interdisciplinary Venture Projects. Students and staff utilize a human-centered design approach —a process that offers our students a chance to deeply understand the communities we wish to serve, to truly understand what is at the heart of a given problem, to design with those who may face the challenges we attempt to solve, to dream up scores of ideas, and to create innovative, thoughtful solutions that are grounded in our community’s needs.

Ventures Ventures Everywhere

You may know what your Compass student is working on in their Venture Project, but we thought you might want to know what else is going on!

Venture Spotlight: Exploring Sustainability with Shamayim

Shamayim’s first Venture Project with Compass is offering an opportunity for students in 6th-11th grades to explore sustainability in partnership with the CSU Center for the Built Environment, the City of Fort Collins, and Green Apple Schools Day of Service. The Venture students are creating Compass Climate Action Report that will be submitted to the Green Apple School competition and City of Fort Collins.

Venture Highlight: Robotics and Urban Design

Dawn DuPriest will be starting her year off with a group of middle and upper school students in a Venture focused on FIRST LEGO League Robotics and Tech Challenges. The theme of the competition this year is “City-Shaper”.

Landscape Design and Installation Venture

In Katie’s Landscape Design and Installation venture, students are working with a Fort Collins client to design and install a residential landscape—including a goat playground!

And the Winners Are…

On Thursday April 4th, five students from Compass presented their third quarter venture project as part of a competition put on by Federal Emergency Management Agency and Earth Force, the Denver-based nonprofit with whom Sam Gleeson’s students partnered in designing flood mitigation and emergency preparedness projects.

Venture Highlight: Reducing Flood Risk in our Community

The Flood Squad is tasked with developing a proposal to decrease flood risk in their community. They have learned a lot about flooding—from experimenting on the permeability of soil with a soil infiltrometer, to conducting a neighborhood flood inventory of the Spring Creek neighborhood.

Venture Highlight: Whimsical Inventions

Abi T. and Brenden D. are working as teaching assistants and simultaneously on an independent design project this quarter as part of the Whimsical Inventions Venture Project. They have a limited budget to work with, and they’ve been sketching, planning, and prototyping already.