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We've Defended.

posted Fri, Oct 27, 2017

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On October 24th, the Compass Community Collaborative School Team formally defended our Charter application to the Poudre School District School Board.  From the day we turned in our application in mid-August to now, it has been an extremely busy time for our team, families and those in PSD that have helped us get to this point.  So, clearly, we have several Thank You’s.

Thank you to…

  • the PSD School Board for taking the time to read our application, make copious notes and ask tough, challenging questions.  We recognize that our success is amplified by being pushed and challenged.  We so appreciate your thoughtful and thorough questioning of our work so far.  We would expect nothing less when the common goal is to support and educate the youth of Fort Collins.  We can only grow and learn through experiences like this.

  • the Poudre School District Administration, leadership and charter application review team for thoughtfully considering our work and application, giving us important feedback, challenging us in our thinking and assisting us in working through the crazy challenges of trying to open a new school (budget, facilities, curriculum, student support, programming, etc.).

  • the students and their families, for supporting us from the beginning, investing in our model, giving us important perspectives on our development and enrolling in our school before it actually exists.  Thanks for believing in us.  We will continue to do everything we can to make you proud.

  • ​the (too numerous to mention by name) Fort Collins community organizations and businesses that have partnered with us to support our students (yes, we already have students working in the community), our staff and our mission in bringing continued educational innovation to our city.  From working with interns, supporting us through monetary and in-kind donations, partnering with us on future programming and sharing your expertise and knowledge as we continue to grow and develop.  We are a Community Collaborative.  We are only as strong as our community.

  • Colorado State University and the numerous departments, faculty and leadersthat have helped us grow our partnership.  From dedicated space on campus that we will utilize daily once our school opens to helping us drive our recent summer prototype, we recognize the importance of your support in helping students see higher education as both accessible and achievable, now and in the future.

  • Mayor Wade Troxell and the City of Fort Collins for sharing your vision of innovation with us, your support for our work and your willingness to work with us in a variety of future endeavors.  We look forward to years of collaboration and growth as a City of Invention.

  • the many local individuals and families that came to the School Board meeting and sat (and stood) for many hours to show their support for our work.  Although not everyone could stay the five hours that we engaged and discussed our school model with PSD, we can’t thank you enough for giving up an evening with your families to demonstrate to PSD the community interest and passion for our school.

  • Lastly, and most importantly, the STUDENTS that have provided their voice in the design of our school over the past 2 years.  Their voice has been the most important from the beginning in the form of our initial focus group with Fort Collins students to share their thoughts on what they want for future middle and high school students, the summer pilot students (age 13-18) that gave up two weeks in the summer to explore and learn together on CSU’s campus and the members of our Executive Design Team and Founding Board.  And, finally, to the students that have actively voiced their passion and drive for our school to local organizations, the PSD Administration and the PSD School Board, we never could have reached this point without you.  You are an inspiration for all of us.  As we work to grow young adults that can lead us in the future, you give us a model for what passion and purpose can look like in our youth.  You have no idea how much each of you will change the world and the City of Fort Collins.  You already have.