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What Kids Say They Want

posted Wed, Jun 15, 2016

Categories: Community voices Compass voices

We have interviewed and worked students ages 9-25 years old as part of the development of Compass High School. No matter the age, sex, or success of their current educational endeavors, the resounding message from students is that they find our current educational model largely boring and irrelevant.

They overwhelmingly describe school as socially important, and most students have at least one teacher that they like and who they believe cares about them. However, students long for more active, engaging, and meaningful work to inspire them to learn.

School starts too early in the morning. They are uncomfortable sitting in chairs all day. They don’t feel that they learn from lectures, Power Points, and worksheets. Tests and more tests drag them down. The large homework load gets in the way of spending time on things they love to do and on spending quality time with their friends and family.

Compass High School is revolutionizing the school experience to meet the needs of 21st Century teens and their families.