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What sets Compass apart?

posted Fri, Apr 13, 2018

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At Compass we believe that…

Students develop enthusiasm for learning by doing purposeful work in the real world.

Compass students will be design thinkers and entrepreneurs because their interests, strengths, and passions will be at the heart of everything they do. They will work in multi-age teams with their classmates and our master teachers at Compass on hands-on “venture projects” that tap their curiosity and address community needs. They will network with university experts, Fort Collins professionals, and community partners to solve real problems in innovative ways. 


At Compass we believe that…

Learning happens everywhere.

Our building is being renovated now into an exciting center for learning located at 2105 S. College Avenue, right on the MAX line near Whole Foods. Our building will serve as students’ home base, but their actual campus will be the City of Fort Collins…and the world! They will ride the Max to CSU for their science classes, learn in outdoor open spaces nearby, travel to Old Town to collaborate with business owners and community leaders, and participate in national and international partnerships.


At Compass we believe that…

Learning structures should be flexible.

Learning shouldn’t be confined to the typical 8-3 school schedule, nine months out of the year. At Compass, students will choose daily start and end times that match their internal “clock” and support their health and social development. Advancement will be based on mastery of academic and life skills rather than age-based grade levels. Learning won’t stop in the summer either because students will be held to year-round learning expectations.


At Compass we believe that…

Equity matters for everyone.

Even though Fort Collins prides itself on being the Choice City, the truth is that the same privileges aren’t equally available to everyone who lives here. Compass will be a place of belonging where students from every population can receive the resources and support they need. Compass students will be learners and leaders who create a more just and peaceful world.