School, your way

As a student at Compass Community Collaborative School, you will collaborate with staff, peers of all ages, and community partners to design “learning ventures” based on your interests, real-world issues, and your own graduation requirements. You will learn math, science, language arts, social sciences, art, and Spanish by actually applying them to projects you care about. In the process, you will become an outstanding thinker, an effective communicator, a creative designer, and a master problem-solver.

Our daily schedule is different, too!

As you probably know, mornings can be very stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up or your family members need to be in different places at different times, and you’re in a race against the clock. To give you the chance to get the sleep that research shows that your brain needs, and to reduce the stress in your family’s morning routine, you get some flexibility in choosing your daily start and end times at Compass. At the beginning of each semester, you and your family will get to choose the schedule that works best for you as long as you are directly involved in school work for a minimum of 7.5 hours per day. We have a flexible schedule that allows you to arrive at school or your internship between 8-9:30am and leave between 3:30-5pm. At 9:30 every morning, all students meet in Advisory to ensure that you start the day connected to the school community and are physically and mentally ready to learn. Our schedule also allows you to learn beyond our campus by partnering with local businesses, colleges, and nonprofits. This allows you to apply your skills and expand your comfort zone so that you can contribute to our community and the world in meaningful, powerful ways.

At Compass, our schedule is different from traditional schools in line with our innovative educational model. We emphasize flexibility, as follows: 

  • Start times: Families choose one of three start times with a corresponding end time. This lets teens get the sleep they need, and helps bring student’s schedules more in line with family needs.
  • Individualization: Compass students have individualized mathematics and English instruction with Summit Learning Platform at the beginning and/or end of the day.  Certified teachers provide personal support during this academic time.
  • Flexible learning time: We don’t use a traditional bell schedule. Instead, students have large, flexible blocks of time that allow them to make the most of their Venture Projects.  This facilitates cooperation with our community partners, and give students plenty of time for advanced learning on CSU’s campus, on-site seminars and off-site internships. 


Check out what a typical day at Compass looks like:

Compass Community Collaborative School Daily Schedule:

Flex Time: Each semester, families set an arrival time for 7:55, 8:40, or 9:30. Students work in 45-minute blocks on math and/or English.  Small-group lessons and individual tutoring may be scheduled for this time period, and students are non-native English speakers can receive extra support, as needed. 

Advisory: Closely aged group of students stay together to work with a Teacher-Adviser for four days a week on a two-year rotation.
Conclave: On Wednesdays, Advisory is replaced with Compass Conclave, where staff and students share updates, successes, and struggles in their current project work.

Venture Block: Students work on community-engaged venture projects which includes academic curriculum, seminars and work on individualized learning activities.

Community Lunch

Venture Block: Students continue working on community-engaged venture projects.

Flex Time: Students who arrived at 7:55 depart at 3:15; students who arrived at 8:40 depart at 4:00; students who arrived at 9:30 depart at 4:45. Students who choose the later start time will participate individualized learning for math and/or English. Small-group lessons and individual tutoring may also be scheduled for this time period.


Opportunities For You

At Compass, you learn academic content and skills by doing real-world work that we call “Venture Projects,” which are based on your interests, strengths and areas of growth. These could include growing and cooking food, running a bike shop, building homes, and so forth.  Daily learning in foundational academic skills, such as language arts, mathematics, and science give you support to reach your goals for success on projects, college classes, standardized tests, and internships. You will also have the option to pursue an early start on college credits and earn an associate degree before graduation. Basically, you get to choose your own educational journey with the help of Compass staff.