School, your way

As a student at Compass Community Collaborative School you will collaborate with staff, peers, and community partners to design learning ventures based on your interests and the requirements of your personal path to graduation. Working on real world issues in multi-age, interdisciplinary teams, you will learn math, science, language arts, social sciences, art, and Spanish. Equally as important, you will learn and practice 21st Century Skills in all of your ventures to help you become an outstanding thinker, an effective communicator, a creative designer, and a master problem-solver.

We will have a flexible schedule that allows you to plan with your family for an arrival time at school or your internship between 8-9:30 a.m. and a departure time between 3:30- 5 p.m. Daily morning meetings in Advisories (9:30 a.m.) will assure you start the day connected to the school community, physically and mentally ready to learn. Extending our learning connection beyond our campus will include partnering with local businesses, colleges, and nonprofits to give you the opportunity to apply your skills and expand your comfort zones so you can contribute to our community and the world in meaningful, powerful ways.

Opportunities For You

You will have opportunities to learn adult skills at the same time that you are learning academic content and skills. This could include growing and cooking food, running a bike shop, building homes, and other interdisciplinary initiatives that allow you to successfully work in the larger community. Seminars on on-line learning in foundational academic skills, such as language arts, mathematics, and science will be part of your daily practice so you can have support to reach your goals for success on venture projects, college classes, standardized tests, and internships. You will have the option to pursue an early start on college credits and earn an Associate’s Degree before graduation. You have the opportunity to choose your ventures based on your interests, strengths, and areas of growth.

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