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Compass is tuition-free charter school located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Students learn through active and engaging real-world projects — and graduate with a plan, a portfolio, and the tools to make a positive impact.

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News and Updates:

High school at Compass - deeper learning, expanded opportunity, college credit, and extended futures counseling. All current and enrolled parents of 8th-grade and above are welcome to join! TUESDAY, FEB 18, 7:00p-8:00p
OPEN HOUSE: Families interested in seeing Compass "in action" are invited to spend time touring and dropping in on classes.
TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 9:30a-11:30a.

Compass Board Meetings take place the third Monday of every month. The next meeting is Monday, February 17th, 2020, from 6:00-8p at the school building, 2105 S. College Ave.

News and Updates

Venture Project:



Purpose:  This first semester venture project was inspired by student interest in this complicated social issue. Critical thinking, communication, book studies, community trips, and social justice action made this a great Compass learning experience! 

Community Partners: FoCo Cafe, Murphy Center, The Rescue Mission

Venture Forth

Our School is Designed by Teachers, Students, and Community Partners

Compass’ Mission, Vision, Intended Impact, and Theory of Change

Mission: Our mission is to help students discover learning with purpose; to be authors of the best possible story of their lives and of our collective future.  

Vision: Our local and global community will be made economically and environmentally regenerative through the passion and energy of Compass Community Collaborative School students as positive change makers demanding social justice.

Intended Impact: Our diverse population of students will positively impact the world with a lifelong love of learning, expressive clarity, quantitative ability, conceptual flexibility, emotional intelligence, creative imagination, and social agency.  Students’ families will be inspired by inclusion in their children’s growth and development.  

Theory of Action: Interdependence is the key. When we compartmentalize and separate components of our interdependent world, ecosystems and social systems break down. Compass will support collaborative relationships and value interdependence by using a community-engaged and transdisciplinary curriculum. We are supporting creative, inclusive, and connected families in developing a sustainable and vibrant world.

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Join our growing list of community partners and start seeing the benefit of working with our students. Your organization — business, nonprofit, artistic, college, university, and government entities — can partner with our students to engage in hands-on career exploration. Contact us for information on community engagement opportunities.

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