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A tuition-free 6th-12th grade public charter school located in mid-town Fort Collins

Nationally Recognized School

Compass is one of the highest achieving middle schools in the Poudre School District as measured by state testing in 2022 and again in 2023. CMAS 2023 testing ranked our middle school at the top of the District in English Language Arts.

CMAS 2022
What Great Schools Says

And It's Not Just Great Test Scores...

Recent Awards and Grants Won by Compass Students:

Experienced and Talented Educators

Compass was designed by a diverse team of experienced, licensed educators, students, business owners, nonprofit leaders and parents. We are passionate about embedding design thinking and creative, research-based learning pedagogy and real-world problem solving into secondary education.

Community Partnerships

A Community of Courageous Learners

Compass staff and students tackle academic content and skills development in the context of real-world problems and creative endeavors designed to make the world a better place. We have a modern space, modern tools and a program designed to make sure that you love school and are ready to thrive in life after high school!