Are you a trailblazer, observer, visionary, and innovator ready to discover learning with purpose alongside a team of students? We are. And we are looking for student-centered educators to join our team. We believe in place-based education that shifts learning out of the traditional classroom setting and puts kids back into the community ready to share their unique genius. We are Compass Community Collaborative School.

We open our doors in August 2018, serving a diverse population of students in grades 6-10 from across the Northern Colorado region. Employing a transdisciplinary, venture project curriculum with support from the Summit Learning Platform and Big Picture Learning, we will inspire thoughtful and creative problem-solvers who aspire to live with integrity and compassion and have the skills to be positive change-makers in the world.

Our entrepreneurial teaching methods prepare students to think deeply, design creatively, and iterate mindfully, while achieving at the highest academic levels. Compass Community Collaborative is dedicated to personalized, competency-based learning to help all students discover learning with purpose; to author the best story of their lives and our collective future.

Available Careers: