Community Partner Program

New Partnerships

Compass Community Collaborative School is continually developing new partnerships with business, nonprofit, artistic, college, university, and government entities to provide our students the opportunities to engage in meaningful career exploration and for our community to benefit from the energy and commitment of young people in their work environments.

Our unique school day schedule and summer learning requirements mean that we have a great deal of flexibility in collaborating with community organizations for a win-win partnership.

We are creating a small learning community where every student and family is known and valued, and equity and wellness are foundational to our high expectations of one another.  Celebrating our deepest values of inclusiveness, empathy, gratitude, hard work, and responsibility will be the waypoints by which we will navigate and sustain both our school culture and the character qualities of the students you will work with in internships and as mentors. Our students will have explicit learning goals for all community engaged work and their work products will be a source of pride for you, the student, and the school.

We have a growing list of supporters:

City of Fort Collins, Offices of the Mayor and City Manager
Woodward, Inc.
Paterson Center
No Barriers
Jacob Center
Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
CSU Office of the President
CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus
CSU Educational Outreach Center
CSU School of Education, Center for Educator Preparation
CSU Writing Project

Big Picture Learning
ReSchool Colorado
Education Change Makers

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