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What is Competency-Based Learning?

At Compass, students advance based on their level of mastery rather than just being placed according to their age or grade level. Research shows that competency-based educational models that utilize a mastery approach (like ours!) have a profound impact on the growth of a student's internal motivation, and thus, their level of academic achievement. At Compass, our experience proves this fact, and we are continually able to offer our students access to higher-level courses and more choices to shape their own educational pursuits, earlier in their academic careers.

  • Middle school students have an opportunity to begin to accumulate high school level academic competencies towards graduation as soon as they show clear evidence of readiness.
  • High school students can access college concurrent enrollment courses in both English and math as early as the 9th grade - both on-site at Compass, as well as on the Front Range Campus.
  • Independently designed and executed projects are widely accessible, and in-school competencies can be met through out-of-school achievements.
  • The Compass Competency "Domains" (pictured below), all aligned with the Colorado State Standards, ensure a rigorous, diverse content and skill-driven academic experience for all students. Our graduation requirements FAR EXCEED that of both our local district and state!