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Get Involved

Parent meeting

Are you looking for ways to give back to Compass, but aren't sure how? It's simple! Whether you can donate your time, skills or resources, here are easy ways to help out.

  • Be a Vested Family: The number one way we encourage families to get involved is to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for your child’s learning and experience at Compass. By consistently attending student showcases such as quarterly Exhibitions of Learning and Presentations of Learning, you are sending positive and supportive signals to your child.
  • Donate: Financial gifts always helps! Donations made to our school are tax deductible and often eligible for employer matching. Thanks to our fundraising partner, Community Funded, you are able to direct your gift to a specific need. Visit our donor page here.
  • Become a Community Partner: Community is interwoven into everything we do at Compass! We value the relationshiops we hold with our Community Partners and are always looking for new ways for our students to be involved in the community! If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a community partner please visit our Community Partners page here.
  • Visit our Compass Store: Compass students engage in real world learning and real world projects. Each quarter, venture projects culminate with a “product” that demonstrates their learning across multiple disciplines. It could be a video, a presentation and in some cases an actual marketable product! In the Compass Shop you’ll find these and other student-made goods available for sale. The Compass Store is currently located on campus, but our online store is coming soon!
  • Join the Parent Action Council (PAC): Are you a parent or guardian eager to help build Compass community and culture? PAC can always use Parent Coordinators to help coordinate educational and social activities and events (student socials, staff appreciation gestures, parent education, after-hours socials, community service outings, etc). To learn more visit our PAC page here.
  • Hire a Compass Student: Compass students are required to have at least one internships under their belt by the time they graduate. Let’s partner for a win-win relationship. If you are interested in offering an internship opportunity for our students, complete our Community Partner Registration Form.
  • Volunteer: Enjoy rolling up your sleeves and working with young people? Here are ideas for how to get involved:
    • Be a tutor. We specifically need math and reading tutors.
    • Share an interest. Come teach a seminar to 10-20 students. Learn more about seminars here.
    • Accompany students on community trips. We are constantly making trips out into the community and always benefit from having a few extra adults along on the MAX or to drive students.
    • If you are interested in volunteering please complete our volunteer form.
  • Become a Campus Intern: Compass offers semester-long internships for college students. Interested in applying? Contact
  • Share Your Compass Stories: Are you a compass family or have you had an experience with our students in the community? We want to hear your stories and see your photos of Compass students taking action! Share your stories and photos here.