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Tag: Environment

Calls to Action from the Climate Films Venture

The decisions you make now will affect generations to come. Every trip in the car you take, every water faucet you turn on will have detrimental consequences on all of the life on earth. Be aware of your own habits and educate others on what they can do to reduce their environmental impact.

Thank you Colorado State University!

Compass Community Collaborative School is fortunate and grateful for its working partnership with Colorado State University. This week students continued research at the CSU Environmental Learning Center and built a watershed model.

Colorado Solar Sprint With Compass Students

We are so proud of Compass student’s performance at the Colorado Solar Sprint sponsored by NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory)! We sponsored 6 cars at the competition, and 5 of those cars qualified for the double-elimination finals.

And the Winners Are…

On Thursday April 4th, five students from Compass presented their third quarter venture project as part of a competition put on by Federal Emergency Management Agency and Earth Force, the Denver-based nonprofit with whom Sam Gleeson’s students partnered in designing flood mitigation and emergency preparedness projects.

Venture Highlight: Reducing Flood Risk in our Community

The Flood Squad is tasked with developing a proposal to decrease flood risk in their community. They have learned a lot about flooding—from experimenting on the permeability of soil with a soil infiltrometer, to conducting a neighborhood flood inventory of the Spring Creek neighborhood.