Classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways lined with lockers?

Just like Compass Community Collaborative will not “act” like any school in Fort Collins, it won’t look like any school in town either. Open, flexible spaces, and a kitchen for cooking healthy food will support our students, staff, and community partners.

Colorado State University’s Dr. Laura Malinin’s  senior interior design students helped us dream big and then, once we committed to 2105 S. College Ave. as our new home, Vaught, Frye, Larson Architects started working on floorplans to help you see what we see in our future school home:

Be on the lookout for big improvement to the inside and outside of our building!

But don’t forget, we are a Community Collaborative, which means we are not limited to one building as our campus; all of Fort Collins is our campus! This illustration gives you a good sense of where our “home base” is in relation to our community partners, and note that we are at a MAX line bus stop which will facilitate easy access to CSU campus and all of our community partners throughout the school year.