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College Courses and Internship Opportunities

College courses, internships, apprenticeships and other work-based learning opportunities are offered at Compass.

fort collins internships at compass community collaborative school

Curious, Ambitious Students Thrive Here

Our curriculum is designed to keep gifted students challenged and ambitious students preparing for a future that will demand social emotional skills, as much as it will require critical thinking, effective research skills, excellent writing and speaking skills, and an entrepreneurial, problem-solving mindset. That's why we put students at the center of their own learning and have increased the demands of graduation. We want you to know that you are ready to take on any challenge and get out in the world to thrive!

Graduate With College Credit

Compass students are able to take math and English Language Arts classes for college credit starting in 9th-grade. Our middle school and high school English and mathematics programs focus on mastering core competencies and skills to make sure that students are prepared to succeed in these concurrent enrollment classes (these classes are guaranteed transfer courses from Front Range Community College to any four-year college or university in Colorado) so that students graduate from Compass with college credits and the confidence they need to succeed.

Graduate With Real-World Work Experience

Our Futures Counselor works with all students at Compass explore career interests and aptitudes starting in 6th-grade using a variety of games and surveys and tools. As students gain skills and confidence in their specific interests, we help them find internships or apprenticeships where they can earn high school credit while they get on-the-job training and experience. We know how critical it is to have work experience and to build social capital for future internships and jobs, and research makes clear that students who start college with specific careers in mind are more likely to graduate with a degree.