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Continuous Learning

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Learning During COVID-19

Contingent on Larimer County Health Department approval for in-person school in Fort Collins, our hybrid option offers half-days in school, four days per week to ensure students have a well-structured week with ample opportunity for connection with peers and staff. Half-days in school means that students and staff only have to wear masks for three-hours rather than for full school days, we don't have students eating together at school because all students eat at home and transition to or from school during the lunch hour, and we have additional opportunities to clean between student groups. Remote learning will use an effective combination of live Zoom classes (math will run one hour per day, Monday-Thursday) and guided independent and group work with a mentor assigned to your student on literacy and independent inquiries for an individualized education in humanities, science, and English. For more detailed information, please see the


Continuous Learning Resources


  • Career Conversations with Teens: A Parent Guide
  • Postsecondary Readiness Support
  • Resources for Learning About Anti-Racism