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Hybrid Learning Option:

We are offering three options for every family.

Please see a graphical representation of sample student schedules HERE​. Please have your student check their email for more information and their assigned schedule.

  • Option 1: Students attend half-days, in-person, at the school 4 days/week, Monday -Thursday.
    • All students will be assigned to an A or B day schedule (Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs).
    • On their assigned days (group A or B), students will have in-person Advisory and in-person instruction for Venture, plus at least one hour of independent/socially distanced collaborative work time.
    • On their alternate days, students will be welcome to work on campus in their assigned cohort’s adjacent learning space, while the alternate learning group receives in-person instruction. Students will work independently or in socially distanced collaboration with their peers during this time and will have a chance to ask questions or get support during the last hour of that session after the teacher has finished instruction for the other group.
  • Option 2: Students attend half-days, in-person, 2 days/week, on their assigned A or B days (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs). On the other three days, they continue their regular schedule remotely, with working independently during the scheduled Advisory/Venture time. If they need help, they can “Zoom in” to their class during the last hour of the session.
  • Option 3: Full-time remote. Students will be assigned to the A or B cohort and will “Zoom in” to their Advisory and Venture instruction on their assigned day, and will work independently on the alternating days with the option to “Zoom in” for teacher support during the last hour of Venture just like the other students.


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