Compass Parent Action Council (PAC)

Welcome to the Compass Parent Action Council (PAC). We are delighted that you are interested in getting involved as a parent member within the Compass community. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Mission and all that PAC aims to offer and has to offer!


The Compass Community Collaborative School Parent Action Council (PAC) is a volunteer organization, whose objective is to enhance the school experience for the students of Compass Community Collaborative School. Through the PAC, parents work together to enrich the educational and social environment of CCC.


At the heart of PAC are its committees. This is where we roll up our sleeves and make great stuff happen for our school. If you excel at event planning, we have need of you! If you’d like to treat our hard-working Compass staff to coffee and doughnuts, we need you! If you can lend a hand when you are able, we have need of you! Simply decide where you would like to contribute and email [email protected]. You will be put in touch with the appropriate committee.

Student, family and parent events
Christine McCloud 

Staff Appreciation
Carina Schott

Student Support 
Parent support for school clubs, seminars, 360 and community
Cerissa Stevenson

Classroom, supply and event needs
Joanna Gidrewicz

Volunteer Vortex
Manages and puts the call out for parent volunteers or school-related activities
Jessica Lillard

Heads up fundraising efforts to support PAC activities

PAC Newsletter, PAC calendar, parent FB page and all other PAC communications
Alexa Croft

PAC Calendar

The PAC calendar provides dates for PAC events. In addition, NO SCHOOL dates have been added. Please note that the PAC calendar is not a replacement for the official Compass School Calendar. For the most accurate, up-to-date school calendar, please view the Compass 2018-19 Calendar here.

Click here to view the PAC calendar in a web browser.

Click here to add the PAC calendar to your Google calendar or mobile device.

Parent Book Club

Be a part of the Parent Book Club. This School Board-led gathering will meet throughout the school year. Stay tuned for updates via the PAC Newsletter and Facebook. Parents, guardians, staff and community members are all welcome!

Upcoming Books and Dates:

**November 12, 20186:30pm**
The End of Average: Unlocking Our Potential by Embracing What Makes Us Different by Todd Rose
Reading of the entire book is preferred however, if you are busy just read Part 1 (first three chapters).

Parent Facebook Page

In addition to following the official Compass Facebook page, you may be interested in joining the Compass Parent Facebook Group. This group is a place for Compass parents and caregivers to share happenings, engage and collaborate.

Please note that it is a closed group is for parents and caregivers of students currently ATTENDING Compass Community Collaborative School as well as our founding families. It is operated independently of the school as a place for parents to connect with one another. It is not monitored or supported by the school, staff or board, but by independent parent volunteers.

Social Media

If you are an avid user of social media and would like to help spread the word about all Compass is doing, please give the school a follow at:

Compass on Facebook
Compass on Instagram
Compass on Twitter

We appreciate your sensitivity to and respect of privacy of others. Please only post images of students with signed media releases on file. Contact the Compass office for more details.