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Parent Orientation 2021-22

Our Parent Orientation Night for the 2021-2022 school year was held on Wednesday, September 8th from 6:30p - 7:30p via Zoom. A pdf of the slide deck, as well as a narrated walk through the slide deck, are available here. Additionally, the slide decks and narrated slide decks of family information about high school and postsecondary readiness at Compass are also linked here.

Jason Leads a Parent Meeting

ParentVUE Setup:

In order to be able to view attendance and set notifications, you must first have a ParentVue account. Due to the fact that we have families from in and out of PSD, some of you already have an acct set up while others need to start from scratch. So please follow these steps:

  1. If you already have a ParentVue account and have used it in the past, please log on to and click on “I am a Parent”. You will then have the ability to log in. If it has been a while and you don’t remember how to log in, click on “forgot password” and follow the prompts.>
  2. If you have NOT previously used a ParentVue account, you will need a Activation Code in order to create your account. There are 2 ways to get your access code
  3. Parents who have never used Synergy or are new to the district received an automated email from PSD on May 11th of 2020 with your individual activation information. Parents that enrolled in the summer may have received a similar email in August though some of you did not according to the Synergy records. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THIS INFORMATION BEFORE GOING TO THE NEXT OPTION.>
  4. Your second option is simply to email me and I can send you your activation code. I’d ask you to check your email first so that I’m not inundated with emails. But if you are unable to find your code, I’m happy to help.

Once you have your Activation Code, follow the logon link: and click “I am a Parent” and then you will see “Activate Account”. Click on that and follow the prompts in order to set up your account.

In addition, I’d recommend going to for any assistance you might need. There are instructions on how to do anything and everything including how to set up phone/email notifications for attendance.


  • We are ONLY using the attendance portion of Synergy/Parent Due so it will not show any other information such as grades, etc.>
  • Any class called “INTENSIVE” is a Mentoring period. This means that most of the time they are working on their own but if they are ever absent from an INTENSIVE, it is because they missed a mentor meeting. Unfortunately, I am unable to change this course title till next year.>
  • All the classes are listed as the proper title: Advisory, Venture Project, Math Class.>
  • Because we have kids with a variety of schedules, the “classes” on Synergy are placeholders and do not Indicate the actual meeting times. Until we are back in the building fully, the schedule may not actually match the meeting times for kids. As always, students should be looking at their Google Calendar for their specific meeting times. However, you will be able to see whether a student has missed a given class, regardless of when it meets. Please touch base with your student if/when you recieve a specific notification.>
  • In addition to “present” and “absent”, students can be marked as “remote learning”. This code will be used when a student is working at home independently. If they are using Zoom to join a session, they will be marked present or absent.>
  • Please continue to call Debbie at the Compass front desk to excuse students if needed. We will continue to mark absences as “excused” or “unexcused”.