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A Visit With Professional NYC Actor

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Compass is fortunate to have community partners near and far. Last quarter Kayla's students had the opportunity to meet Anthony Reimer, a professional actor based in New York City. Here are student reflections from that visit.

  • “I think he was amazing and super sweet and I think that he really helped me. Because I was able to kind of show empathy towards him like when he told me about how he didn’t show up to his performance case in middle school which I totally can relate to because I was really close to getting cold feet one year when I did a showcase.”
  • “To conclude the interview was hilarious and important. He shared some nice stories and was answering questions like a machine. (p.s. Kayla, can we have him back?)”
  • “I learned that when in an acting career having connections is important. Anthony mentioned that actors and actresses and stage crew have to be quick thinkers and be creative.”
  • “This was so relatable because I love to act, and I’m a very empathic person. This made me cry happy tears.”