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Compass Stories

A Game Changing Year for Robotics Club

It's full steam ahead for the Compass Community Collaborative School LEGO Robotics Club. This year, for the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students have been tasked with stepping into the world of sports, play and fitness—moving, collaborating, competing and celebrating.

And ... We're Off

Teachers and students, without exception, are reporting feeling VERY happy to be back together (even masked and distanced).

Compass's Story of Reimagining Education During the Pandemic

Over the summer, as the pandemic progressed, Compass Community Collaborative School had the opportunity to reimagine the virtual learning experience to make it as meaningful as possible for Fort Collins middle school and high school students. In this Lessons for SEL article, Jan Harrison and Dawn DuPriest talk about the "authentic deep learning" Compass staff encourages and fosters—even in times like these.

Tackling Real World Issues With Science

Math and technology classes at Compass in Fort Collins are not only rigorous, but productive, creative and joyful. Our technology program is for students who enjoy tackling real issues in the world, using their creativity to really make the world a better place.

Learner-Centered Education in Remote Learning

One of the researchers we follow as school designers and innovators is Katie Martin. She is the author of Learner-Centered Innovation and other publications and writes a regular blog. We are proud to note that Compass’s model for learning hits every target she notes, whether we are learning remotely or in person!

Give Them a Mile, They Run the Distance

If the enthusiasm of the new 6th and 7th-graders and their families is any measure of success, this year is off to a great start! Our learning model is designed to support students in learning academic and problem-solving (design thinking) skills by working on topics that are relevant and exciting to them. What happens when you let students take the reins on this kind of learning?

On the Cutting Edge

There's a new 3D gadget in the Compass Design Lab and we can't wait for you to try it. The X-Carve machine is one of the new tools that is revolutionizing digital fabrication. With this 3D carving device, students can bring endless ideas to life.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

There is that saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, and I think of our school that way. We’ve got this...because we have each other and we have you. It is an honor to serve as the leader of this school, and a privilege to serve your families. Welcome back to school!