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And ... We're Off

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Learning at a (social) distance at Compass

It has been SO FUN to have (some much taller!) kids back in the building. Even having just a quarter of them at a time, kids make the place feel so much livelier and happier than it has felt for the last six months. While there have been a few moments of confusion here and there, we are grateful to all of our students and their families for finding their way in this new phase and being patient as we all get into the new routine.

Shamayim's cohort meets in the Purple Room

Teachers and students, without exception, are reporting feeling VERY happy to be back together (even masked and distanced). For the students staying fully remote, I know that it is a different kind of adjustment, and I would encourage all students who are Zooming in to be sure to keep their cameras on and speak up in order to help themselves feel full apart of the class. It is more fun for everyone when all students are actively participating from all corners of the city! Keep up the good work, Compass, we are excited to be moving into this new phase of learning together.