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Career Interviews Continue for Seniors

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Jules Davies, a commercial and editorial photographer, joined Compass seniors to talk about her work. The students asked her questions about how she got started, what companies she’s shot for, and how she can rely on a steady income as a freelancer. Her website,, is nothing short of a masterpiece. I would tell everyone to take a look at it to enjoy some eye candy!

Jules met Wendy Rose, our Futures Counselor, when she was going to school at CSU. Wendy was her Career Counselor. Through their time together, she began interning and then working at Topo Designs, where she was able to make connections in the outdoor industry. She now shoots products like Chaco, Bon Appetit Magazine, the New York Times, and other outdoor retailers. Having Jules in our class gave the seniors insight into how important it is to make connections in places you want to work. Jules also told us that photography was something that she didn’t expect to be a profession in her life; it just happened one day when she started documenting her camping trip and things snowballed from there. It gave many of the seniors hope that, even if you don’t have anything figured out right now, things always find a way of working out. Jules’s parting advice was to find a mentor or someone who can guide you through new experiences in your field of interest. And if you don’t have a mentor, fake it till you make it! Confidence will get you a long way.

— Written by Lucille G, Compass Senior