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Guide to Thriving During a Time of Physical Separation

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Pamela and the Compass Culture Guides look forward to sharing weekly tips and ideas for thriving in this time of physical separation. Here are this week’s ideas!

A group of students in Texas prepared slide presentations on topics of their choice (ranging from astronomy to unsolved murders to Disney princesses) and shared it with their classmates over Zoom.

Teacher Kayla reports she has implemented a number of Compass-y practices in her home. Here are just a few that you can try, too!

  • We have circle every weekday morning.
  • We had an art club meeting with my mom, dad, brother, and friend Libby.
  • Huxley made his first batch of cookies solo!
  • Hadley built a house for her critters out of cardboard.
  • I am learning to embroider!
  • We’ve been out to the river while maintaining social distancing.
  • My friend Libby did a live yoga class that Ryan and I did in our driveway.
  • I’ve accomplished running around my block twice without dying!