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Compass Student Wins My Heroes Poster Contest 2020

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Last fall, Emmanuelle’s Venture explored what it means to be a hero. Students empathized by researching different types of heroes. Students compared and contrasted historical heroes and fictional heroes, everyday heroes and famous heroes. Students defined what it means to be a hero by taking a deep dive into The MY HERO Project.

The MY HERO Project is an educational organization that seeks to “empower people of all ages to realize their own potential to create positive change in the world.” Furthermore, its safe, online venue allowed students to discover essays, art, and films about heroes of diverse backgrounds who work for peace, human rights, and to protect the environment. Students quickly realized that really anyone can be a hero when they exhibit the values of kindness, generosity, peace, joy, empathy, and so on. Students then worked on two projects for the MY HERO Project. First, students designed posters featuring heroes who have made important contributions toward one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Next, students turned to their own lives and identified heroes that were a part of their lives and who had made an impact on them. Students wrote essays highlighting these heroes and their importance. Finally, students' artwork and stories were submitted to the MY HERO Project and the organization even created a showcase page for us! We hope you enjoy our work by visiting our Hero Venture Page.

We are thrilled to announce that two Compass students, Lily C. and Kyler K. were finalists in the My Heroes Poster Contest 2020. Entries were submitted from around the world. Lily and Kyler joined two finalists from China and one from Massachusetts!

Now ... drum roll please ... we are thrilled to announce that Kyler took 3rd place with his "Defy Gravity–Eddie Ndopu" poster!

Kyler K Eddie Ndopu poster

Lily's Ruth Bader Ginsburg MY HERO poster submission.