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CSU Computer Science Career Conference

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Twenty students from 8th-11th grade went to Colorado State University on Thursday for most of the day to learn first hand about the computer science department and unique opportunities offered for CS majors.

“One thing we learned was how Humanity Centered Design, that we use all the time at Compass, is used in coding and the computer science industry. That was good to see! We also learned the importance of diversity in a work environment. CSU is doing research to find ways to broaden the appeal of CS careers for women and minorities,” reported Jadan K., one of the students who went on the trip.

The visit made Jadan feel more optimistic about the university environment—it was not as impersonal as he had imagined. He was happy that the head of the Colorado State University Department of Computer Science came to talk to the visiting high school students. Opportunities for students like hackathons and tech conferences and internships sounded really great to him!

Another student, Brenden D., was really excited about the different projects CSU students are working on. For example, students made a server out of Raspberry Pi mini computers. He saw more classrooms than he had seen before at CSU, and appreciated the tips on dorm life that the students gave the visitors. “I am more determined than ever to get to go to CSU to study computer science,’‘ he said.

The opportunities for Compass middle and high school students to access events at CSU is unparalleled in the district. We are grateful for the access we have on the MAX, for the “blanket” permission slips parents sign during registration, and the enthusiasm and determination of teachers to make the extra effort it takes to get kids out in the community on a regular basis.