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Does Animating a Budget Make it More Exciting?

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By Compass Parent, Alan B.

How could it not? Students in Emmanuelle’s Re-Animated venture are learning to make informative, animated public service announcements to help the City of Fort Collins educate the public about important, but possibly-less-than-thrilling topics. For example, some students are learning about city budgets by exploring the budgetary processes of the City of Fort Collins and then finding ways to make this complex topic easier to grasp by citizens. These creative students decided that they needed a hero—a Budget Man!

Budget Man was born from a cup-o-toxic-sludge, some accountant DNA harvested from nail clippings, and a pile of old and moldy balance sheets. The Budget Man character turned out to be woefully ignorant of budgetary processes and, as the story goes, the mayor of Fort Collins took it upon himself to educate our “hero.”

This student animation of pure infotainment is still in production. Currently, student talent is adding voice to action.

Look for the completed Re-Animated projects at Exhibition of Learning on March 11th!