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Mindspark Learning is non-profit dedicated to providing educators across the country with cutting edge professional learning, and empowering them to better engage students and ultimately inspire them to thrive in the modern workforce. Mindspark Learning also understands that some parents and families could use a little extra support in navigating at-home and virtual learning. Mindspark's reSOLVE for Families program is helping Colorado families to feel more equipped and confident in their ability to support remote learning, not more overwhelmed or like "another thing was added to my plate.” Here are their upcoming on-demand and live sessions. Visit Mindspark Learning to learn more.

Celebrating Successes to Increase Engagement
On-Demand Session - Available NOW

This on-demand session will equip participants with a clear strategy to support kids with setting measurable goals and identifying influences that motivate them. We will brainstorm fun, budget-friendly rewards and celebrations that make reaching goals even more exciting!

January 12 | Creating Problem Solvers through Experiential Learning
Live Session via zoom (4 - 5pm MT)

This session will help families adopt a problem-based learning approach for at-home learning that will increase children’s problem-solving, creativity, and autonomy. Problem-based learning reminds us that learning is everywhere, so participants will identify unexpected learning opportunities that arise during things like cooking, pet care, and caregiving.

January 27 | Strengthening Relationships through Daily Connection
On-Demand Session

Participants will walk away from this on-demand session with tools and structures to support them in holding daily check-ins and family meetings that help family members stay positive and productive.

February 9 | Improving Resiliency and Agility
Live Session via Zoom (5 - 6pm MT)

This session will equip participants with strategies and language that improve our resilience and agility, as well as tools and commitments to prioritize their own self-care.

February 24 | Best Practices for Personalized Learning & Setting Clear Expectations On-Demand Session

This on-demand session will demonstrate the power of incorporating passion projects into students’ at-home learning, as well as the importance of setting and communicating clear expectations and consequences.