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Help Hope Give Hope to Charis Youth Ranch

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Some of you may not know but my name is Hope and I am a Compass student. I volunteer at a horse rescue called Charis Youth Ranch. We are having a fundraiser and there are butterbraids, muffins, cookies & coffee (gluten-free option available)!! Animal rescues across the U.S. are experiencing funding shortages due to the pandemic—Charis are no stranger to such circumstances!

Please consider purchasing one of the delicious items to fill your belly and soul by helping this deserving cause. Charis Youth Ranch rescues unwanted, abused, neglected, and up for slaughter beautiful horses, transforms them with love and in return, those same abused horses help to heal broken hearts, minds, and souls of at-risk youth in our various programs. It is a sanctuary for all but our funds are dangerously depleted so we are running a fundraiser to help cover feeding costs for nearly 30 horses in our care.

View the delicious choices available, each and every purchase helps our horses!!

Thank you!