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Kayla's Performance Venture Visits the Lincoln Center!

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—By Tyler W.

On Wednesday of last week, Kayla’s venture (1st Annual Compass Performance Showcase) went to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center. We learned how to walk through the building, what the rules were and where everything we will need for our performance is located. We also learned about the history of the center. Did you know the Lincoln Center is named after the high school that was there before?

Kayla’s venture is performing in the Magnolia Theater on February 26 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. We hope you will be there! We will be taking donations and then giving them to Dance Express. Dance Express is a company that gives everyone a chance no matter race, gender, disability, or age to dance. Our mission is to produce a unique show with a variety of talents that is a unifying experience for all.