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Kayla's Q3 2020-21 Virtual Theater Venture

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The third-quarter theater venture has become a tradition at our young school, and I didn't want to lose another thing to the pandemic. With so many theater performances being canceled and venues closing, I decided to use design-thinking to approach this very real problem-- how do you continue to enjoy live performances virtually?

What I've learned from theater performances in the past is when people have the opportunity to put on a production together, they automatically feel connected. I was curious if this same connection would happen virtually. Sure enough! Performing forced our screens on, it gave kids opportunities to accept and give good feedback and to feel successful when success has been limited.

Our theater venture also gave props to "the bard"! Shakespeare proved once again that his plays transcend time and place. We adapted the play Twelfth Night for our zoom performances and student's scripts translated well as they incorporated teenage drama, household items as props, and the on and off zoom video button. I really enjoyed this group, and I will miss our little virtual theater company.

Update on Moral Courage Venture

Work from Emmanuelle's Moral Courage venture was submitted to an Anti-Defamation League contest and artwork was submitted to the My Hero Project for a portrait contest. We will get results in late March/early April.