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Leadership Notes From Compass

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With only about 6 weeks left of the school year, we are busy finishing session six of Intensive classes and right in the middle of the last venture projects. The building is buzzing with learning, spring is springing all around us, and we are also looking ahead to next school year with excitement.

Last Thursday night we welcomed enrolled and prospective new families for 2019/20. Parents and kids learned more about the Compass model and left feeling inspired and enthusiastic about next year! New students will greatly benefit from the hard work and culture building that our current students have accomplished.

In addition to new students, we will also have new staff next year. We have attracted an exceptional pool of candidates for English, social studies, math, and college/career counseling. True to Compass values and philosophy, students have had a vital role in interviewing our prospective hires. They asked thoughtful questions and had meaningful feedback. All the candidates have been deeply impressed by our students! We look forward to welcoming our new team members to our community!

Another welcome is in order……we have a new member of the Compass team that will be arriving on Monday. Flynn is a 9-week old Australian Shepherd-Poodle mix. “AussieDoodles” are known for their friendly and even temperament and intelligence. They are highly trainable and are often used as therapy dogs. She is Jan’s family dog, but will also be part of the Compass family. All of us are so excited!