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Learner-Centered Education in Remote Learning

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One of the researchers we follow as school designers and innovators is Katie Martin. She is the author of Learner-Centered Innovation and other publications and writes a regular blog. One of her latest blog posts highlights 10 Characteristics of Learner-Centered Education in Remote Learning. We are proud to note that Compass’s model for learning hits every target she notes, whether we are learning remotely or in person!

  1. Goals and Accountability (sounds like a mentor meeting!)
  2. Personal (sounds like a CARE project!)
  3. Agency (sounds like independent project design in Venture!)
  4. Inquiry-Based Learning (Compass)
  5. Collaboration (It’s in our name, ya’ll!)
  6. Authentic (community-engaged learning keeps it real)
  7. Critique and Revision (we call it feedback and revision and it’s in our DNA)
  8. Productive Struggle (it’s how human’s learn)
  9. Models (we call them provocations and exemplars and they are really helpful in teaching kids how to think about big, gnarly problems!)
  10. Reflection (this is where the learning gets stored in the long-term memory!)

Stay tuned for more insights on how Compass is hitting the targets of creating uniquely impactful learning opportunities for all of our students!