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Learning Doesn’t Just Happen “At School”

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Here are great ways to engage students in learning outside of the classroom.


  • Write about anything you want for 10 minutes a day. Try it for two weeks and see how your writing changes. Look for ways to add more details in your writing and seek to make sentence structure varied and interesting.
  • Read anything you like for 20 minutes a day. It will strengthen your skill as a reader and writer and build your vocabulary!


  • Look for data around you. What can you conclude?
  • Attempt to quantify things around you by estimating, counting, and adding and subtracting “in your head”.


  • Ask a ton of deep questions “What are the potential consequences of…”
  • Watch youtube videos on science: ScishowKhan AcademyKurzgesagtare all great
  • Read studies in the news and evaluate their quality, sample size, method, replication?


  • Read/watch the news and talk about it
  • Consider the relevance of global events locally and vice versa
  • Get involved in local civic issues


  • Get the Duolingo app (or other free language development apps) and practice for 15 minutes a day
  • Watch a favorite show or read a favorite book in Spanish. Not ready yet? Just put on Spanish subtitles on your favorite shows!