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Notes from the Field: Jonah Hope's Summer IT Internship!

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Notes from the Field: Jonah Hope’s Summer IT Internship

Jonah Hope, a current Compass Senior, was able to participate in a paid summer internship with Poudre School District this past summer.

“We were proud to have Jonah join our team for the summer,”says Tyler Berger, who is the Asset Management Specialist at Poudre School District. “He got the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals and situations throughout the summer and his work has had meaningful effects on student learning throughout Poudre School District. As a team, we deployed over 6000 laptops, refreshed CTE labs in all PSD Middle and High Schools, handled electronic recycling for around 8,000 end of life electronic devices, installed new front of classroom technology in many PSD schools, and took on a myriad of other unique summer challenges as they came up. Jonah was a respected teammate and his efforts were meaningful in helping us meet our goals for the summer and I hope that he found getting all the first hand learning opportunities as a valuable experience. I am glad that he chose to come work with us and I hope to hear from him again in the future.”

Jonah noted, “Doing the internship was really helpful and interesting! I worked on different projects than I initially thought I would. I thought it would be more repairing of computers, but instead, we focused on lab setup, installing new computers, and reimaging software. As a result of what I learned in my internship, I was able to build my own computer at home. I would recommend an internship so people can continue to define their career path. For me, my internship helped me see that my interest is specifically in software engineering. That’s good to know before going to college! I’m proud that they offered the job to me next summer and it would come with a pay raise.”