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Quarter 3 Ventures at Compass

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Third-quarter Ventures will start on January 14th, 2020. Here are the exciting opportunities we have in store for our learning community this academic quarter:

Compass Media (grades 6-8) with Shamayim

We will be continuing the work initiated by Global Citizenship venture and endeavor to update our school and community with important global, regional and local events. Our aim is to set in place three pillars of a Compass Communications Team created by students, for students- written (newspaper), verbal (podcast), and visual (youtube channel)! We will spend some time communicating with reporters both nationally and internationally and get to grips with understanding the important role that the media plays in forming our opinions and judgments so that we may promote Compass and maintain our global awareness.

Performing Arts Showcase (grades 6-8) with Kayla

Got a flair for the dramatic? Do you like event planning? Then help organize Compass’s first performing art showcase to highlight our community’s talent for a charitable cause. Performing is not required, but is a plus. Our venture will be behind the scene directors organizing this ALL SCHOOL EVENT! Meet talented community members, as well as explore your own hidden talents that make you shine. This venture requires team-work, compassion, problem-solving, identity work, creativity, and a willingness to interact appropriately with the community.

Coding For Global Goals (grades 6-8) with Dawn

Computers are everywhere! They’re in your phone, in your car, and they’re scattered in our environment to help make the world safer, healthier, and easier to get around. In this venture, we’ll learn to program small computers, wire up sensors, and create inventions that help meet the UN Global Goals to benefit life on land and life in the water. Our inventions will be submitted to the BBC’s “Do Your Bit” challenge to compete for prizes. No experience required - this venture is for students that are brand-new to computer coding.

Re-Animated (grades 8-10) with Emmanuelle

Students in this venture will use their drawing and computer skills to create student-made animated short films to raise awareness of and offer solutions to various issues affecting our local community. We will work directly with City Hall to learn more about these issues and how to best use messaging and concrete calls to action. This venture requires creativity, patience, attention to detail, and an ability to meet deadlines. Drawing skills and computer literacy are a plus.

Films for Climate Change Action (grades 8-10) with Sam

We will be creating and premiering fully student-made short films that incorporate scientifically accurate information about climate change into a variety of film Genres. Working in small groups with the help of a CSU student mentor from the College of Natural Resources you will collaborate on this challenging project. We will spend a significant amount of time off campus and at CSU. This project will require a significant amount of creativity and ability to work to meet deadlines that are set by you and your group rather than by external sources.

Inner Secrets of the Game Industry (C# game programming) (grades 8-10, Algebra 1 or higher) with Karen

Join us to take a deep dive into C# programming! No previous experience needed, though we will tackle advanced concepts as you make your first games and work hard to expand your skills as quickly as we can. What makes a game addictive, and how can you tweak your games to be even more addictive? Should you? We will also explore our values regarding technology, game addiction, and positive gaming outcomes.

Yo, I’ll Solve it! (grades 6-8) with Hadeel

“If there was a problem/Yo, I’ll solve it.” ~ Vanilla Ice

Just like Vanilla Ice, students will spend time in this venture exploring problem-solving through puzzles, games, and math problems. Partnering with a 2nd grade math classroom we will explore, design, and test our problem-solving skills on younger students. This project is designed for 6th-8th grade students. Students do not need to be “good at math!” Most Wednesdays we will be traveling O’Dea Elementary school to work with 2nd graders. Be prepared to think creatively and uniquely about mathematics and problem-solving.

Postsecondary Readiness (required for all 11th-grade students) with Bonnie and Wendy

Juniors need to start focusing on college and career readiness in a very explicit way. This means that they will be working with Bonnie and Wendy this quarter to prepare for SAT testing, college applications, resume writing, and additional postsecondary readiness skills including research skills that will facilitate the research paper they need to write and present as part of their graduation requirements. This will be a challenging and exciting Venture for all of our juniors!