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Rising Fort Collins High School Seniors Seeking Internships

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As our Futures Counselor, Wendy Rose, gets ready to push our current seniors out of the nest to fly on their own, she is setting her sights on next year’s seniors. Wendy is working with current 11th-graders to help them start thinking about the big steps they will be taking next year and getting them to brainstorm about internship and leadership goals. Some of the community partners they are interested in working with and with whom Compass students have worked in the past are listed here.

  • Unite for Literacy
  • United Way
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • FOCO Cafe
  • No Barriers
  • Various Classroom Volunteer positions with schools
  • Fort Collins Discovery Museum
  • Museum of Art Fort Collins
  • Wolverine Farms Publishing
  • Conservation Science Partners
  • CSU Environmental Education
  • Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Center (SAVA)
  • CSU Venture Validator Class
  • City of Fort Collins (transportation (bikes too), city planning, community development, natural areas,
  • CSU Diversity Offices - Student Services and Advocacy
  • Project Mental Health Freedom
  • Music District
  • Compass Newsletter/Photography
  • Compass Yearbook
  • Compass New Student Recruitment/PR
  • Compass Tech Team
  • Venture TA

If your business has an interest in offering an internship to a Compass student, please reach out to Wendy to discuss the opportunities.