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Science Fair Winners Learn From Nature

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Compass students, Leilani and Chloe, are celebrating some big science wins! Their biomimicry project has received the following awards and they are moving on to the state science fair on April 8th!:

  • 1st Place Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • 1st Place MAST Institute Poster Design/Video Presentation Award
  • 2nd Place Chemistry Award (Leilani and Chloe's category)

"Our project was focused on applying biomimicry to solve a real-world problem. The definition of biomimicry is the mimicking of life using technological and biological systems. The issue we chose to focus on was nighttime driving visibility. Our first step was to find an organism that solved this problem. We found bioluminescence. We conducted two experiments, did extensive research, and participated in the LPSEF science fair. Our participation required us to create a presentation and a script, and then present it to six different panels of judges (virtually). Being at the science fair taught us a lot. It was a good experience and we were able to gather helpful feedback that further increased our knowledge and learning." - Leilani and Chloe

Students at Compass present project on bioluminescence and biomimcry