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Tag: Project Based Learning

Compass's Story of Reimagining Education During the Pandemic

Over the summer, as the pandemic progressed, Compass Community Collaborative School had the opportunity to reimagine the virtual learning experience to make it as meaningful as possible for Fort Collins middle school and high school students. In this Lessons for SEL article, Jan Harrison and Dawn DuPriest talk about the "authentic deep learning" Compass staff encourages and fosters—even in times like these.

Learner-Centered Education in Remote Learning

One of the researchers we follow as school designers and innovators is Katie Martin. She is the author of Learner-Centered Innovation and other publications and writes a regular blog. We are proud to note that Compass’s model for learning hits every target she notes, whether we are learning remotely or in person!

Give Them a Mile, They Run the Distance

If the enthusiasm of the new 6th and 7th-graders and their families is any measure of success, this year is off to a great start! Our learning model is designed to support students in learning academic and problem-solving (design thinking) skills by working on topics that are relevant and exciting to them. What happens when you let students take the reins on this kind of learning?

Reflections on Presentations of Learning

The profound reflections and deep learning that we witnessed as our students presented to parents and peers was a window into the powerful impact that Compass is having on the lives of our students. We teach differently, we assess differently, and we have built a culture that cares deeply.

Final Exhibition of Learning for Year One!

A special thank you to Compass teachers, staff, parents—and most of all students for a successful final Exhibition of Learning for year one! Everyone came together to share and celebrate the learning highlights for the fourth quarter of the school year.

Inaugural 360 Team Meetings

The purpose of our 360 Team meetings with our high school cohort on April 9 was to help the students learn how to reflect on their growth and education. In particular, students followed a “Guide to Thrive” that helped them focus their reflections on their progress in the Compass Competencies and in subject specific content.

Quarter 3 Exhibition of Learning

Thanks to all of you for your flexibility regarding the rescheduled Exhibition of Learning before spring break! The blizzard was inconveniently timed, to be sure. For those of you who were able to rearrange your schedules, you got to see powerful evidence of learning from students in all of the venture projects.