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The Community Experience Venture Visits Front Range Community College

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Looking through samples of FRCC student design projects.

The Community Experience Venture led by the Futures Counselor, Wendy Rose, attended a graphic design class at Front Range Community College (FRCC) last week. Maggie Adams, Multimedia Graphic Design Program Director at FRCC, let us visit her Illustrator class and gave us an overview of the program. She noted how FRCC works closely with the community and industry to ensure students are able to obtain good positions after receiving their degree.

The best part of our visit was viewing the projects students had created and seeing what a college class was like. Learning the differences between the programs available in Fort Collins was informative—like the difference between FRCC’s and CSU’s approach to design. FRCC is more technology-based whereas CSU is more pure art-based design. —10th grader, Dallon H.

Lucille G. was surprised to find that there are so many ways to be creative within graphic design. The packaging design projects she enjoyed included CD covers, cereal boxes and book covers!